About Us

We're all about doing things organically. There are solutions to harsh chemicals that are cost effective and better for the environment and we will present them to you. Know what you put in your body, know how your food is grown and take back your health. Don't leave it in the hands of certain companies that just product bulk with whatever methods they can regardless of long term health effects.

After seeing all the problems and issues that chemical gardening has caused it just made sense for us to look to nature for solutions. Modern gardening commercially and chemically has been taking place for a little over a century and has done much damage to our ecosystems and environment as a direct result. There are viable organic alternatives to pesticides and chemical fertilizers out there, it just took some research.

Did you know that some companies are selling products that have less than 1% active ingredients? What does that mean to you? Well how about this: 99% water! If you're ok with spending your hard earned money on essentially a bottle of water then we salute you. We're not interested in doing that nor are we interested in charging you exorbitant amounts of money for heavily watered down products. You already have water. We don't sell water because of that simple fact. The savings in shipping, packaging, and shelf life are passed on to you as we'll give you the essential part in a smaller package.

Just imagine having tastier fruits and vegetables, prettier flowers and peace of mind! Once you've tried your own organic produce you won't ever want to eat what's passed off as healthy produce in most markets ever again.